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 hello 👋
 🌞 Good morning!
 ☀️ Good afternoon!
 🌒 Good evening!

🗒️  Thank you for being here to assist me, I greatly appreciate what you do.

💬  As you are aware I can no longer speak.

✍️  And as you are aware writing has become increasingly difficult to write and so is harder to read.

ℹ️  My son made this to help us all understand each other.

Tap a button to reveal text about it and tap again to close button or refresh the page to reset all buttons.

Thank you for your kindness and patience. Feedback is most definitely welcomed about PLEHS.HELP for there is always room to improve :)

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Could I please have a cup of black tea with half a teaspoon of honey from my pantry? 🫖
Could I please have a cup of coffee, white no sugar thanks?
I am light sensitive and need lighting adjustment by closing the blinds, bathroom door or switching a light off? 🕶️
Please note that this is not the meal I chose. 🍲❌
Please compliment the chef for me? 🍲✔️
I need to go to the bathroom and need some help for safety. 🚽
A family member is arriving to take me on an outing and I would like to help with clothes dressing? 👚
I would like help changing into a clean nightie? 👗
Could you please get an item out of the fridge?
Creamed cheese 🧀
Hommus 🫛
Cold water 🚰
Left overs 🥘
Please collect and chop a small handful of mixed herbs from my planter box outside? 🌿
Please send a Registered Nurse asap? 🆘

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 👌Thank You🙏
And have a great shift!